Further Details on Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Our payroll software provider, Brightpay, has provided further details on the above scheme, and how it will work. Although not directly from the government, we feel that this is a reliable source of information. We will of course keep you updated when the government confirms this.

The full details are on the link below but, in summary:

Employers must designate affected employees as furloughed, and get the employee’s agreement if it will mean a reduction in pay, or if there is not a specific clause in their employment contract covering this issue.

The HMRC must be notified, with details of the workers and their pay, through an online portal (in the process of being set up now)

HMRC will reimburse 80% of furloughed workers wages costs, based on their February wages, up to a cap of £2,500 per person per month.

Employers may choose to “top up” the other 20% of salary, but they don’t have to.

This has been set up for 3 months from 1st March, but may be extended.

We will be completing claims for any of our clients that we run payroll for. If any other clients need help with this we will assist.

If anyone – client or not – needs help or advice please get in touch.