Cloud Software: FreeAgent, Xero, Quickbooks and More…

At Clear Cut Accounts we support the latest cutting edge software to make completing your books as quick and easy as possible. We support various cloud software programs, including FreeAgent, Xero, Quickbooks and more.

What Is Cloud Software?

Cloud software is located on the internet, rather than being loaded on one computer in your office. All of the different software we support all have the same benefits:

No more computer errors at home wiping out all of your data. The software is based on the cloud, so can be accessed from anywhere.
No security worries - each system has online banking level security with secure backups.
No more expensive upgrades or unexpected bills! All cloud software we support is being constantly upgraded and improved - all as part of the small monthly fee.
No more sending spreadsheets or backups of your data to your accountant - we can access FreeAgent too - and we can both look at your live data, and make changes, at the same time, which update immediately!
No more typing in bank transactions - all software has automated bank feeds that load bank transactions up automatically - even while you sleep
No more burning the midnight oil. All cloud software we support speeds up and simplifies nearly every aspect of your bookkeeping - whether you do it or leave it to us! Imagine the time that you'll save!


Please find below overviews of our two most popular software choices - FreeAgent and Xero. We are fully accredited partners for both of them.

Based in the UK (Scotland)
Simpler than Xero
Aimed at small Sole Traders and Ltd Cos
Written in easy to understand language
Automated Bank Feeds
MTD VAT Returns
Simple Payroll included
Free with NatWest / RBS Business Account
Licences from £15+VAT per month

Based in New Zealand / Australia
More complicated than FreeAgent
Aimed at small to mid Ltd Cos
Lots of add-ons with other apps and systems
Automated Bank Feeds
MTD VAT Returns
Simple Payroll add-on at extra cost
CIS add-on at extra cost
Licences from £24+VAT per month

If you're not sure which package you should choose, let us help. If one software package or solution would fit every client, we would have a very simple job! The honest answer is that there isn't one-package-that-fits-all - and there really shouldn't be. This is because we believe that everyone is different, your businesses are different and your likes and dislikes are different. At the end of the day we understand that it is your business, and you should have a system that suits you and the way you work.

If we think you could benefit from FreeAgent, Quickbooks or Xero we will tell you, along with any other alternatives available to you. But the final decision is up to you - and we will listen to what you want. No pressure, no sales pitch. It's that simple.

If you need any further information, or want a free demonstration of either of these software packages,  please Contact Us.