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CIMA Member In Practice

Clear Cut Accounts are a CIMA Member in PracticeCIMA Member in Practice

There are a number of highly respected accounting bodies in the UK, who have members with a range of accounting qualifications. Clear Cut Accounts have two directors- an experienced bookkeeper, and a CIMA qualified accountant who works under the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) Member in Practice programme. This means that you can be guaranteed to receive a high level of service at all times, knowing that any work or bookkeeping done is being overseen by a professional accountant. But as the work is split between the two partners – the costs to you can be kept down!

Other great benefits from choosing a CIMA Member in Practice:

  • We have to complete ongoing CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to constantly keep up with ongoing changes in the law
  • We comply with Anti-Money Laundering Law
  • We have professional indemnity insurance to cover you if we ever make an error on your accounts
  • We have a continuity agreement in place in case we can no longer act as you accountant – another firm will be able to step in!
  • We have a Letter of Engagement that we sign with all of our clients, to ensure that we deliver what we have promised to, at the price agreed
  • We are bound by CIMSA’s Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • If you ever decide to leave our firm, we would hand over your affairs in a responsible and co-operative way.

Anyone can call themselves an Accountant – even if they have not actually passed any exams! Others use the name when they are only qualified as an Accounting Technician or Bookkeeper. Other non-qualified accounting firms may be very good, but they can be an unknown quantity, and simply cannot offer the same guarantees as those backed by a professional body. Always ask your accountant what qualifications they have before you hire them.

Another great part of being a CIMA Member in Practice is that we can help and advise your business – not just do your accounts and returns. Please see the below video about all the added value we can bring!