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(01202) 849844 info@clearcutaccounts.com

We are Xero Acredited!




We are now Xero certified and welcome any clients using Xero software!

This means that we are expert advisors on all things Xero, and have been approved by Xero as an accredited provider of their software.

Why Choose Xero?

Xero accounting software gives businesses the tools to take care of the numbers and spend less time on accounting.

  • No more computer errors at home wiping out all of your data. Xero is based on the cloud, so can be accessed from anywhere and has secure backups.

  • No more expensive upgrades or unexpected bills! The software is being constantly upgraded and improved – all as part of the monthly fee.

  • No more sending spreadsheets to your accountant – we can access Xero too – and we can both look at your live data, and make changes,  at the same time, which update immediately!

  • No more burning the midnight oil. Xero speeds up and simplifies nearly every aspect of your bookkeeping – whether you do it or we do! Imagine the time that you’ll save!

To see more information about how Xero can help your business, visit their website www.xero.com/uk

Is Xero Suitable For Everyone?

On the whole, Xero is designed for reasonably sized small businesses who have more complex needs that the more straight forward software.

If one software package or solution would fit every client, we would have a very simple job! The honest answer is that there isn’t one-package-that-fits-all – and there really shouldn’t be. All of our clients are different, their businesses are different and their likes and dislikes are different. At the end of the day we understand that it is your business, and you should have a system that suits you and the way you work.

If we think you could benefit from Xero we will tell you, along with any other alternatives available to you. But the final decision is up to you – and we will listen to what you want. No pressure, no sales pitch. It’s that simple.